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5 Top Tips for Designing a Menu

A great menu not only reflects the style and personality of the restaurant, it’s also essential for attracting customers. Most of your potential diners will have a look at the menu online before deciding where to eat, or at least check it out on the street before venturing inside.

How do you create the perfect menu? Read on for our top tips!

  1. Use “The Golden Triangle” wisely

When people look at a menu, they first look in the middle, followed quickly by the top left and right corners. Check out some menus online from your favourite restaurants and note how they use the golden triangle to direct people towards the dishes they most want customers to buy. Which dishes will you put in this prime-menu real estate?

  1. Choose the right colours

Used well, colours reflect your brand and illustrate the personality of your restaurant. Green suggests your food is fresh, healthy and wholesome, for example, darker colours such as indigo are classy and up-market, yellow makes us think of summer etc.

The colour red is often used in menus as it prompts the brain to take action. If there are dishes you’d particularly like your diners to order, print them in red or put a red box around them.

  1. List your dishes thoughtfully

Don’t confuse with too many choices! 6 or 7 items in each category provides your customers with plenty of options without being too overwhelming.

Put the big-ticket items towards the top and at the bottom of the menu list as these are the ones they will really notice. It’s also good practice to put a higher priced item at the top so the dishes further down the list appear to be great value in comparison.

  1. Descriptions matter!

Ever bought a bottle of wine because you liked the “story” on the label? Me too! You know your customers best, which words would appeal to them most? If you think they are looking for the freshest of ingredients use phrases such as “line-caught” or “locally sourced”. If you think nostalgia will appeal to them, use the name of your restaurant or chef to suggest they’re choosing a house specialty or use adjectives such as “English,” or the name of your town to show it’s a regional favourite.

To make your menu look symmetrical it’s a good idea to make the text boxes a similar length, but it’s worth making the high-ticket items slightly longer as a good story sells!

  1. Leave plenty of white space

Make sure your menu isn’t too “busy”. The eye is drawn to white space so make sure to leave space around the text, particularly around the items you most want to sell.

If you need help creating the perfect menu for your bar, restaurant or café, we can help! As well as offering advice about printing we can also provide information about designing your menu and choosing the best materials.

Bon Appetit!

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