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Advertising with Page and Print

Lots of companies have given up on using print for advertising and marketing their business, which is a fatal mistake. Research shows that print marketing is often now more effective than online marketing. Online information, for example, is more likely to be the victim of a quick scan read, whereas printed press is much more often perused properly and thoroughly.

The excess of online advertising has also given printed media a greater level of legitimacy. Because online advertising has developed a reputation for being an annoyance, potential customers are more willing and likely to engage with printed press.

Because printed media is more tactile and accessible, it can give fiddlers and thinkers something to do with their unoccupied hands and minds. This tangibility also makes print hang around for longer. While a popup or a spam email can immediately disappear into cyberspace to be forgotten forever, printed media is more dogged and durable.

Print also makes it easier to communicate with your exact targets. While online media bombards and blasts everyone within a global radius, you can deliver print where your clients live, work and play. It’s a great way to really grab your target market.

There are a lot of print-based options to help give your business a little boost.

These include:

  • Photos;
  • Banners;
  • Flyers;
  • Leaflets;
  • Business Cards;
  • Brochures;
  • … and more.

These can all offer a range of different advantages and aids. Posters, for example, have great longevity and can catch the attention of bored commuters, whereas leaflets and flyers can be left where your potential customers spend their time.

Letters and business cards can also offer a personalised touch, which can go a long way in battling the faceless mass marketing of online advertising.

At SBS, we specialise creating print which can grab customers and clients. If you’re keen on marketing and advertising your London business with good old-fashioned print, get in contact and we’ll help you out.

We work closely with our customers to craft exactly what they want, and we offer bespoke and specific advice and guidance.

We work hard, we have years of experience and we offer our expertise at an affordable rate. Give us a call.

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