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Christmas Gifts for Arty Kids 

Looking for arty gifts for your kids this Christmas?  

If you’re keen to prise your little ones away from their phones and Xbox, we’re here to help. 

Our shop is crammed to the rafters with bits and bobs to get kids crafting, creating, and most importantly, using their imaginations.  

Drawing, painting, and making all help kids grow, by helping to nurture their confidence, spark their intelligence, encourage creativity and soothe their busy brains. Crafting is also a great way for you to spend precious time with your little ones! 

We stock all the things kids love, including:  

  • Pens and crayons, perfect for drawing and colouring 
  • Pencils, for sketching and tracing 
  • Papers of all varieties for crafts of all types 
  • Paints, for painting 
  • Inks, for depth and tone 
  • Charcoals, for shading 
  • Crafts, for building and making 
  • Books, for colouring, painting, and drawing 
  • Clay, for crafting 
  • Easels, for the serious young budding artist, 
  • … and lots more! 

We also stock niche products to inspire you and your kids every day as well as craft packs that offer all you need in a convenient case.  

Pop in to talk to us, and you may be surprised at the variety of exciting products we offer. Whatever your kids like doing, there’ll be something in our shop to inspire both them and you! 

We can also offer advice on cool things to create with kids. We’ve been serving crafty kids for many years, so we have plenty of interesting ideas for things you can do with the products we stock.  

And our stock comes in a wide range of prices to suit every budget. We have affordable supplies and equipment perfect to get budding artists started as well as more expensive quality equipment for established creators. 

For kids’ art supplies in London, you won’t find better than our Greenwich shop. Whatever your needs and style, we’ve got your kids covered.  

We look forward to seeing you! Merry Christmas! 

Need more help? Give us a call on 020 8858 1226