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Create High Impact Marketing Materials with Spot UV

If you’re going to the trouble and expense of creating marketing materials, you want them to have maximum impact.

In a market crowded with brochures, flyers and business cards, how can you ensure yours really stand out from the crowd?

Spot UV could be the technique you’re looking for. Read on to find out more.

What is Spot UV?

Although it’s often referred to as “Spot UV Printing” it’s not actually a print technique at all, it’s a process that’s applied to printed materials.

A tough clear coat of varnish is applied to paper or card and then dried instantly using UV light. For Spot UV, the technique is used in selected areas rather than on the whole product.

What is Spot UV used for?

Spot UV is a great way to make an impact by adding texture to marketing materials. The UV coating can be applied to images or headings – adding contrast and depth and making them really stand out. Alternatively, the coating is applied to a plain matt surface creating a design by adding a sheen or texture alone. Because the UV light causes the varnish to bond and dry instantly, Spot UV can be used to create precise and intricate designs.

For this reason, it’s often used to create sophisticated, eye-catching covers for promotional materials including brochures, books, and presentations, and increasingly, impactful business cards.

As well as making your marketing materials stand out, Spot UV has other advantages. The technique can help preserve the life of the product as the coating provides some protection against moisture and damage.

What sort of paper is best for Spot UV?

We generally advise the use of premium paper or heavier card for Spot UV. And although it can be used on white products, it has more impact when applied to coloured materials, especially dark colours.

Is Spot UV environmentally friendly?

In an age where we’re trying to reduce our use of plastics, Spot UV is an environmentally sound alternative. The UV coating prevents the varnish turning into gas that can be a pollutant.

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