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How to Create the Perfect Wedding Invitation

When the big day is on the horizon and you’re getting started with planning and preparations, you’ll want your wedding stationery to be perfect.

In this post, we give you some tips on crafting beautiful and bespoke wedding invitations.


Your style conveys a tone and sets a precedent for how things will be. If you want a laid-back ceremony with fun aplenty, you want an invitation which says just that. For a more formal affair, you’ll want to go for elegant invitations that suggest class.


Classy colours are traditional and often opted-for, whereas bold and bright colours give a more vivid and vibrant feel, perfect for a wedding that’ll be fun and frenetic!


It’s frustrating for a reader when an invitation is barely legible. Keep the text simple and legible.

It’s also important to make sure everything is spelled out vividly and clearly: dates, times, locations and dress codes are essential. Make them stand out.


For the reasons above, don’t crowd your card. Keep it simple. Give it flash and flair by all means, but don’t make it overly busy.

Size and shape

Most invitations are rectangular, with a sensible and logical layout. But don’t feel restricted by rectangular norms. If you want to make your invitation large, small, round of hexagonal, go for it… just make sure the information still stands out!


It’s also important to start early to make sure all your potential guests get the date in their diary. Around six to eight months before the wedding is usually the right time.

You should look for a printer or stationer a couple of months before you have the invitations printed to make sure you find someone reliable and experienced.

If you’re looking for a company to help you out, give us a call.

We’re in the heart of Greenwich, London. We’ll work closely with you to create an invitation that suits your needs and your style, and we’ll make sure the whole process is stress-free (so you’re free to fret about other things).

Our invitations are high quality and we can help you make a co-ordinated design which follows through your RSVPs, orders of service, menus and more.

Want a company in Greenwich who knows how to create the perfect wedding invitation? You’ve found us.

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