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How to Design a Good Business Card

Most business owners have their own business card. That reason alone means most of them get lost in the shuffle.

If you’re looking for business card printing, it’s essential to think about creating a logical and intelligent design to make sure that your card stands out.

If you want to increase your sales and your client base, having an impressive looking business card to hand out is essential. Before you find a print shop to do your business card printing, have a read of our tips to make sure yours will work.

Include only what’s important

Yes, a bit of flash and flair is nice, but keep the information to the essentials. A business card is intended to be a brief introduction to what you do, not an essay.

Think about your target market

Think about what your target audience wants to know, and what they want to look at. A card for kids’ parties is very different to a card attempting to pick up new clients for an accountant.

Stay legible

Make sure your card is legible and striking. If it’s not readily obvious what you’re selling, people won’t grasp it.

Have a motto

Companies like Nike, Disney and McDonald’s have a very clear and memorable positioning statement. Do the same and you’ll be remembered. Perhaps embody it in a brief tagline you can add to your business card. Think Tesco’s ‘every little helps’.

Go professional

Don’t be tempted to print your own cards. Go professional. A company who prints good quality cards will not only get the print right, but they’ll also be able to offer good advice on card weights.

Consider shape

Most cards are rectangular and of the same shape and size. This is not a bad thing, but if you can break from tradition and create something slightly different, you’ll immediately stand apart from the crowd. Makes sense right?

Durability sticks

Print your card on durable material to make it last longer and to ensure that it looks professional. If your card looks like it belongs in the bottom of a bin, that’s where it’ll end up.

Simplicity is key

Most importantly of all, stay simple. Be striking, bold, concise and clear. That’ll make your card legible and memorable.

If you’re looking for business card printing in London, think about the above before you make your first move. If you want a shop that’s good value for money, with friendly, knowledgeable staff and plenty of advice on design, get in touch with us.

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