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How to Keep Kids Busy with Art over the Summer Holidays

The school summer holidays are here and you’ll be needing to keep your young ones busy with activities.

If you don’t just want to stick them in front of the telly and you’re looking for crafty and creative ways to occupy their minds, we have plenty in store.

For art supplies in London, you won’t find better than our Greenwich shop. But we’re not just full of stock… we also have loads of ideas to keep them busy.

Read on to keep your kids busy, stimulated and having lots of fun!

  1. Drawing on leaves and making leaf collages are two of the best ways to make use of nature’s resources. And by using leaves in a crafty way, you can combine the great outdoors and the arts, to get kids exploring their surroundings before you craft. This handy combination will also have them tired out before bedtime!
  2. Hand puppets. Felt, fur, stickers and googly eyes can all be used to make fun crafty creatures for your kids to play with. These will keep them busy with making, then, later, with playing!
  3. Rock creatures. Another way to use the natural resources of the great outdoors, you can get your kids painting and drawing on rocks to make little critters and creatures. With good paint and pens, these can become lovely decorations for their rooms, which can give them the pride of knowing that they’ve helped decorate their own space.
  4. An old classic, but timeless for a reason. Doodles allow kids to explore their imaginations and create boundlessly.
  5. Kids love to paint, whether it’s landscapes, people, objects or animals. Finger painting, brush painting and paint by numbers are all great fun.
  6. Cardboard boxes. With cardboard and some paints and pens, your kids can make dens, houses, rockets, cars and whatever else they fancy! Because a cardboard box is a blank canvas, it becomes the ultimate exercise in limitless creation.

Art is a great pastime, but it’s also fantastic for children’s development, and feeds their imagination, self-worth and creativity. Whether in London or elsewhere, art is one of the best ways to get your kids feeling good and boosting their brains.

If you want to buy some pens, pencils, paints and more to get your kids creating, pop into our shop, and we’ll stock you up with some top-notch stuff. We can also offer more crafty and creative advice to keep your nippers busy! For children’s arts, we’re London’s experts… so come along and find out why!

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