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How to Kick-Start Your Print Marketing After Reopening 

Finally, the lockdown is easing for many types of business and we are taking the first steps towards returning to normal – or a new type of normal.   

It might be difficult to work out how to approach marketing right now. At SBS Printing, we have a few suggestions to help you out. 

Traditional Printing Options 

Now is the perfect time to put some of those traditional print marketing options into action to let people know you are open for business once more. 

Fliers and leaflets are the perfect way to reach a local audience. You can let them know your opening hours, what social distancing measures you have in place, and any special deals or promotions you‘re running.   

With a variety of printing options available, we can help you create a selection of fliers to hand out, post or leave with complementary local businesses. 

Banners are a great way to grab attention. This is especially important for businesses that aren’t on main roads. Signs, banners or billboards can be placed on busy roads (with permission) and direct people to your business. 

If your company is launching new products or a new collection, then printed brochures can be a great way to let people know and create interest on re-opening.  Brochures give a lot more information than a flier and can be tailored to suit your business as well as being sensitive to the current situation. 

Finally, if youre planning new opening hours or have created a new website during lockdown, fresh business cards will be essential.  You can hand these out to customers, send them out with other printed materials or use them once trade shows and events start operating again. 

Social Distancing Printing 

With the current social distancing regulations including restrictions about how many people are allowed in a shop or business and the need to direct people around one-way systems, printed signs are a compulsory part of your reopening strategy. 

Floor Signs 

You will need floor signs to indicate which way to move around the shop or business and how to queue where necessaryYou can also use signs to direct people around the store and let them know things that aren’t available such as the ‘no trying on clothing items’ rule that is currently in place. 

Social Distancing Regulation 

Finally, you may want to use different methods to regulate the number of people in the store.  Floor markers outside can be useful, or you could use access control or door entry systems.  This allows you to monitor the number of people within the business.  

Kick-Start Your Business Marketing  

The lockdown has been a tough time for everyoneNow, as regulations allow, more businesses can start to function again with the new rules in place.   

Our role is to help you with your printing needs so everyone in your business stays as safe as possible while also starting to market your business once more to potential customers. 

Let’s support each other to kick-start our businesses after lockdown. 

If you need help or advice about marketing your business or signage for social distancing, please contact us. We’re happy to help. 

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