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How to Market Your Business on a Budget

Marketing and advertising your business is essential. But with all the overheads small businesses have, money can often be tight, leaving entrepreneurs to peddle their wares on a tight budget. If you’re in this situation, and you’re keen to market without spending big bucks, we’ve got some tips on how you can sell yourself without selling all your belongings

  1. Leverage your community: think about what’s going on in your local neighbourhood and use it to your advantage. Drop flyers and leaflets in your local library, attend relevant events and perhaps sponsor a local fun run.
  2. Network: business is a people and numbers game. Meet as many people as you can, whether they be competition, other businesses, potential prospects or previous clients. Networking is the number one way to get your name shared and listened to, so do it at every single opportunity.
  3. Previous customers: use customer referrals and testimonials. Nothing speaks about your business better than the words of somebody else, so use these tools shamelessly and they will work wonders. Many businesses are shy about this. Don’t be.
  4. Nurture relationships: it’s much cheaper and easier to hold on to an existing customer instead of finding a new one. Tap into this by nurturing relationships with existing customers… email them regularly, offer them deals, maybe even ring them up from time to time. For the same reason, you could also offer coupons and loyalty cards.
  5. Free trials: a free sample speaks for itself and allows the product to do the talking. If there’s one thing that holds true, it’s that people love a freebie. And if they like their free offering, they’re more likely to pay for more. Contests and giveaways can also serve a similar purpose and can get people interacting with you online and elsewhere.
  6. Social media: it goes without saying, you should make use of social media. But what you need to do, which other businesses don’t, is use social media properly! Use LinkedIn to answer questions professionally and helpfully, use Instagram to post interesting images… whatever you use, use it appropriately and think about where your audience is most likely to be.
  7. Flyers, leaflets and posters: these resources are priceless, and spread your message in an inexpensive, effective and proven way. These are great because they’re the ultimate in versatility… you can place them and hand them out anywhere, allowing you to access your target market wherever they hang out.
  8. Business cards: These are essential. A business card is basically an easy reminder of who you are and what you do… but you need to print them properly and ensure they are good quality. If you do, they’re a huge foundation to build upon. If you don’t, they’re a waste of time and won’t make you stand out.

If you want high quality, printed marketing materials, get in touch. For flyers and leaflets in London, we’re the best. We help small businesses in London to market and advertise, and we know what works. For print marketing and advice, get in touch. We’ll help your business to grow, and we’ll do it on a budget while maintaining a high level of quality.

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