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How to Run a Successful Flyer Marketing Campaign

When you run a small business and you’re keen to get the word out, your first step might be to market your business with a flyer campaign… and it’s a good choice!

In this post, we offer our best tips on running a flyer marketing campaign and offer some distribution ideas to get your business flying.

So, what should you consider before you start?

Know what you’re trying to achieve

What business image are you trying to convey? What do you want this campaign to do? Are you trying to promote an event? Increase footfall?

Think about this carefully, and the rest of your ideas will more easily fall into place.

Who are you trying to reach?

Kids? Pensioners? Workers? This will influence how and where you distribute your flyers and what your flyers should look like.

Think about where to hand out your flyers

Where are your target audience hanging out? The gym? The supermarket? The streets?

The design of your flyer is very important

Each flyer should have a very strong, clear, direct and concise message and include a bold headline, a call to action and an eye-catching image. Flyer size and paper type are also very important.

There are lots of ways to distribute your flyers

In shops, by post, as inserts, in venues, at exhibitions and shows, in dispensers, on car windscreens, inside newspapers, door to door, on the street and more.

How you choose your method should be influenced by all of the above considerations.

We specialise in flyer printing and leaflet printing

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Wherever you are, get in touch and we can help you to think about the designs and strategies which will work for you.

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