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How to Start Landscape Painting This Summer

Summer is on the way and it’s gearing up to be one of the warmest for many years. Given the forecast and given how long the weather’s been cold and miserable, you’re probably keen to get outside and make the most of the great outdoors. If you’ve ever considered taking up landscape painting, this might just be the year to do it.

But before you pick up an easel and a paintbrush, you want to be prepared… because creating art as a beginner can be a bit scary. Luckily for you, we’re here with some tips on what you’ll need (and what you’ll need to do) to become this summer’s answer to Claude Monet:

These are the pieces of equipment you’ll need to kick off your new hobby:

  • A pre-primed canvas, of around 10 inches by 10 inches. This is a good size to get you started, as it allows for detail and freedom without being overly intimidating.
  • Two or three good quality brushes. The type you’ll need will depend upon how you want to paint… so you should pop into a shop and ask an expert!
  • A pencil
  • Kitchen roll
  • A jam jar (for washing your brush)
  • High-quality paints! Red, yellow, white, brown and blue are a good start.

With your equipment bought and your paintbrush primed, you’re ready to make your first masterpiece. Here’s how to get started:

  • Be selective: when you look at your landscape, consider which elements stand out. Start with these and don’t feel obliged to include every single thing you see. You can even use your imagination to fill in parts you don’t like.
  • Give preference to the foreground, as this allows for the background to be just that… the backdrop to the detail in front of it. This gives much greater depth and realism.
  • Get comfortable with mixing colours. You’ll get it wrong at first, but that doesn’t matter. The more you practice mixing, the more depth and versatility your paintings will have.
  • Try painting the same scene many times. This will give you practice and allow you to see how creative decisions are just as important as the actual landscape itself.
  • Have fun! Remember… you don’t have to be the best in the world. Landscape painting is primarily about getting out, having fun and learning a new skill. Whether you do it alone or with others, it’s about having a great time.

With all of the above, you’ll be started in no time. But if you want more help and advice, or if you need to pick up top-quality equipment from some of the best art suppliers on the planet, pop along to our shop! We stock some of the best art supplies in London and we know our stuff. Stick your head in to our Greenwich shop and get the supplies you need!

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