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Looking for Back to Uni Supplies?

The summer holidays are over, meaning it’s time for uni students to get back to their studies.

Freshers is finished and your two-week hangover has (hopefully) subsided, so you’ll want to get your hands on some snazzy supplies to kick off the year the right way!

It’s essential to arm yourself with plenty of good kit to help you do a good job, whatever your course and whatever you’re looking for, we have it!

You won’t find better university supplies in the whole of London. Our Greenwich shop stocks loads of stationery and supplies, including:

• Pens
• Pencils
• Folders
• Pads and papers
• Highlighters, markers and more!

But we don’t just stock the standard stuff. We also offer plenty of specialist supplies and niche bits and bobs for London’s artists and architecture students.

Our specialist stock includes:

• Charcoals and Inks
• Glues
• Fixatives and Varnishes
• Artists’ Papers and Sketch Pads
• Easels
• Knives and Cutting Mats
• Scales and Rulers
• … and plenty of architecture stuff!

All of our equipment is top notch… so don’t start your studies armed with a broken biro and a chewed-up pencil. And don’t even bother with the Pound Shop. Come to us and we’ll sort you out with the quality materials needed to get you off to a good start!

If that’s not enough for you, we even offer 10% discounts to students.

So, pop in, chat to us, see what we have and listen to our recommendations. We can advise on what you’ll need according to what you’re studying and how much you’d like to spent (no matter how much or how little!) See you soon!

Need more help? Give us a call on 020 8858 1226