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New Year’s Resolutions for Artists

As an artist, motivation can be hard. Typically, you have no-one to encourage you but yourself, and finding the incentive of picking up a pencil can be alarmingly tough.

With 2018 on the way, you might have promised yourself that the coming year will be full of crafting, creativity and productive etching and sketching. To help you out, we’ve gathered some tips and tricks which’ll help you to fill your sketchbooks and make you productive and proud.

See some art for yourself

Visit galleries, sales, expos and events to get you inspired. Engaging with more art will encourage you to keep creating your own.

Be consistent

Whatever your medium, promise yourself that you’ll stick a minimum level of output. If you draw, fill at least an A4 page a day. If you paint, keep to one painting a week. If you sculpt, try one small model every few days. This routine will keep you working and eventually become an effortless habit.

Find a niche

If there’s a niche you enjoy more than any other, exploit and use it. If you like to draw still life, do it. If you like to paint animals, stick with that instead. As an artist, it can be tempting to constantly broaden your output. By all means try, but don’t persevere with things you don’t enjoy… it’ll just make you miserable.

Sample different things

Conversely, if you feel like you’re stagnating, classes and lessons can be inspiring. Search for arty events in your area and pop along to try something new.

Read blogs and creative sites

Artists’ blogs and websites like Pinterest can be really inspiring.

Set a long-term goal

Whatever it is, a long-term goal will help you to contextualise your work and provide motivation. Maybe you want to have your work displayed in an art show, or perhaps you’re keen on creating your first piece of professional work.

Start a blog

We all like validation. And with a blog, other people will see your work, take an interest and offer you praise.

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