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New Years’ Resolutions for Your Small Business

New Year is a good time to have a bit of a business reboot. The post-Christmas lull gives you time to rethink and reinvent, while the motivation offered by the dawn of 2018 could give you a boost. New Year is also a good time to pick up new clients, since people like to adapt and alter their behaviour at the beginning of the year.

In a big city like London, clever business marketing and advertising can attract lots of new clients.

In this article, we consider some ways to change things up a bit in time for 2018:

  • Set a goal: where do you want your business to be by the time we’re in 2019? Set a realistic, tangible and measurable goal to keep your achievements and progress in context.
  • Don’t fear risk: many businesses fail when their leader becomes scared of risk. Be motivated by ambition rather than failure.
  • Be a good leader: lead your staff by example, and embody your business ethos. Be the member of staff you would want to employ.
  • Improve your digital presence: take advantage of social media to publicise yourself. Use all of the available social media platforms, and be innovative in how you use them. A blog can be a great way to spread the word.
  • Stop getting distracted: when you run your own business, it’s ridiculously easy to fall into the trap of distraction. Set boundaries on your timewasting to ensure that you don’t spend half the day scrolling through Facebook.
  • Charge what you’re worth: don’t undersell yourself. You are probably worth more than what you’re currently charging, so push clients to pay you more. If you’re providing an excellent service, they’ll be willing to give it to you.
  • Make short-term goals: set yourself weekly goals to measure your success. It’s important to always feel productive, and the achievement of a small goal will grant you exactly that.
  • Join networking groups: this can be a great way to find new clients, associates and allies.
  • Make new marketing materials: new posters, business cards, flyers and brochures can help you to reassess your business and pick up new customers.
  • Reconsider your marketing strategy: have you been aiming your advertising in the right place?
  • Have a real think about who your target audience is: we all start by considering our target audience. But as we grow, it’s easy to lose sight of them. Reconsider who your target audience is and direct your next drive towards them.

If you need help creating some new materials to motivate yourself for 2018, give us a ring. We’re an affordable and experienced team, and we know what works.

We work alongside our clients to make sure we’re putting together materials that’ll work. When marketing and advertising your London business, it’s important to consider how to set yourself apart from other businesses, and how to publicise yourself in a logical and considered way.

We know how to market and advertise a London business. Give us a ring and make us prove it.

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