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Our Supplies and Materials for University Students

After weeks of carefree summertime lounging around, it’s time to go back to university.

Or maybe you’re just about to start a new course. Either way, you’re experiencing two things: excitement and anticipation for a week of non-stop Freshers, and trepidation for all the work to come.

We can’t help with your aftermath headache, but we can help with the work.

At SBS, we’ve got a crafty collection of stationery, notebooks, files, folders and art supplies for anything you might need when the work begins. We have one of the best and widest ranges available for university students in the whole of London.

All of our stuff is top-quality and essential, made by the best companies and crafted carefully for a professional approach that’ll get you top marks.

You won’t find the bargain-basement flimsy stuff that falls apart after five minutes which you might get elsewhere. If you want to make your work look good, it’s important to get your hands on some quality materials which’ll help that to happen. And that’s what we offer!

We also sell one of London’s largest ranges of art supplies for university students undertaking arts degrees.

We stock and supply:

  • Pads and papers of every description, with all binds, plenty of styles and lots of eye-catching colours and designs.
  • More pens and pencils than you can possibly stuff into your bags, with a whole range of standard and specialist stationery items.
  • Folders and files for keeping, organising and planning your work.
  • Diaries and organisers to keep you on top of things when you’re battling a long day after a long night.
  • For arts students, we also have a huge range of everything you’ll need. This includes specialist papers (including MDF, tracing and acrylic), sketchpads, mountboards, clay, plaster, glues, paints, canvases and lots of interesting and unusual pens and pencils. We also stock one of London’s biggest selections of art materials from the prestigious Faber Castell.

And don’t stop reading yet – we also offer 10% student discount, saving you a few quid. And if we don’t have what you need, we’ll order it in.

We’re experts on printing and binding, and we have quick turnarounds on dissertation binding. We provide the sleek and glossy finishing touches your dissertation deserves, so get in touch with us if you’re in your final year.

If you’re a student on the hunt for university supplies or art materials in London, you won’t find a better selection than ours.

We’re a family-owned business with friendly faces and a helpful approach… we’ll chat with you about what you need.

We love giving advice and we love offering top-quality products. Lots of university students in Greenwich mosey along to us for their stationery supplies and art materials throughout the year, so join the club and pop along. See you soon!

Need more help? Give us a call on 020 8858 1226