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Reopening your Restaurant? Need Signage or New Menus Printing? 

As the time approaches to reopen your restaurant to customers, you will no doubt be in a whirl of preparation!  But it’s a crucial time to update one of the key areas of restaurant management – your marketing and signage.   

After all, people can’t order without a menu and they can’t find you if they don’t get a flyer reminding them you are open! 

Here at SBS Printing, we offer a range of services that restaurants and pubs will need to prepare for reopening in the new post-lockdown era.  

Need to make your business COVID secure, remind your customers how much they love you, or give your menus a facelift? Here are some ideas to help.  

Meet COVID-19 Regulations 

First of all, you need to make sure your business is ready to reopen with the new social distancing regulations in force due to COVID-19. You need signs and directional guides around your business to help customers follow the rules. 

Queue Control and One-Way Systems 

Depending on the layout of your business, there could be different requirements for queue control and the way customers move around.   

For instance, you may need to mark the gap required from the bar or put guides where your customershould stand to queue in order to comply with regulations. 

Hygiene Signs 

In food businesses, it is more important than ever that people are careful about their hygiene. Signs to remind people to wash their hands in the bathroom, for instance, and prompts on how to safely dispose of tissues can help stop the spread of the virus.  

You can see our brochure of social distancing signage and supplies here. 

Refresh Your Menu 

You may need to restrict the disheyou offer because it might not be possible to have as many staff working in the kitchen, and you might not be able to get hold of all the ingredients. This make it the perfect time to refresh your menu

People are feeling a little overwhelmed right now so a simple menu without too many choices is a great idea.  But you can still tell a story about the dishes because this kind of information helps people to make up their mind.   

Also remember the ‘Golden Triangle’ – the centre spot on the menu that people look at first. What’s the dish you’d most like your customers to order?  

Tell Your Customers You’re Open 

Finally, once you have confirmed your opening date, you need to let people know! Social media and your website can help but traditional printing options are also key to getting the word out. 

You could send flyers to loyal clients or people who live in your neighbourhood or ask other local businesses to put them on show. Also, consider printing banners that can be placed outsideThese remind your customers about your restaurant and make them aware that you’re ready to get back to business as usual! 

There are lots of things to do to reopen your business. We are here to help with all your printing requirements from signs to make your restaurant COVID secure, to new menus that are sure to tantalise your customers.  

Contact us for details. We look forward to seeing you soon.  

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