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Summer Marketing Ideas for Your Small Business

Summer is on the way, which means good moods, big smiles and friendlier faces. This is helpful for business, as it means that potential prospects are more open and easier to influence.

Because people are in a better mood over summer and they’re feeling much more receptive, it’s easier to get them on board. In a big city like London, summer marketing can be particularly effective.

However, in order to make use of summer’s advantages, you have to adapt your approach and tailor your tactics.

In this article, we offer some top-notch tips on how to use the summertime intelligently and effectively… so read on for some super summer marketing tips to put last year’s profits in the shade!

  • Give away seasonal items. Beach towels, sun cream and sunglasses are all great giveaways to offer buyers. You can either give these away as a gift or use them as part of a deal to incentivise customers to buy your goods.
  • Find your target market where they are. At this time of year, people are more often out and about. In order to take advantage, go on marketing drives wherever your target market are having fun. Find them and capitalise on their good mood.
  • Get out and about. Hold market stalls in parks, offer giveaways on the streets and hand out free samples. If you’re outside and the customers are outside, you’re bound to bump into each other.
  • Make summer-based leaflets and business cards. Themed marketing materials work very effectively, so make use of them with some fresh prints!
  • Offer summer gift cards. Stamp cards always work a treat, especially in the summer. Reward loyal summer customers by offering free incentives.
  • Make use of bank holidays. Bank holiday sales days can be a great way to promote your business. People are always looking for something to do (or buy!) on a bank holiday, so centre some of your marketing around these days.
  • Focus promotions around special days. What’s happening this summer? Wimbledon, the World Cup and plenty more. Tune in with what’s going on in the wider world.

To really make an impression, you’re going to need some brand-new marketing materials for your summer London drive, whether they’re flyers, business cards or brochures. If you want help putting together some brand-new marketing materials, get in touch. We know what works and what makes money, and we’re experts in marketing and advertising in London.

Contact us and we’ll make your summer marketing drive easier, more lucrative and more profitable.

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