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The 7 Benefits of Advertising Your Business with Posters

Advertising with posters is a pretty time-tested approach. In today’s tech-driven market, there’s still a huge demand for printed media, and research shows that basic posters are one of the most effective ways of attracting customers.

For that very reason, there are a lot of companies offering poster printing in London.

In this post, we have a think about some of the major benefits.

  1. Affordability

Posters stick around for a long time, and they don’t cost much at all to print and install.

  1. Flexibility

Posters are massively versatile according to size, style and layout. It’s also possible to use QR codes, coupon codes and website links to bridge the gap between the print and the online worlds.

  1. Longevity

Online ads can be scrolled past. Newspaper ads are irrelevant at the end of the day and are chucked in the bin with the rest of the paper. Posters stick around for a much longer time, so they’re harder to ignore.

  1. Versatility and Visibility

You can place posters (within reason) anywhere, which makes them the most visible and versatile form of advertising. They can be placed on streets, on buses, in cafes, in offices. With posters, your business becomes literally impossible to ignore.

  1. Speed

Printing turnaround times (particularly ours) are very fast, so, printing posters can get you advertising swiftly.

  1. A Captive Target Audience

When you use a poster, it’s really easy to catch your target audience. Advertising a book? Stick your poster in a library. Advertising car sales? Stick your poster in a bus stop.

  1. Active Response

Because people who lay their eyes on a poster are usually bored, posters very effectively attract immediate attention and an active response. Newspaper ads and online ads are easily overlooked, but when a person is strolling down the street, your poster might be the most exciting thing to look at.

At SBS, we offer large format printing for all of your advertising requirements. There are lots of poster printing companies in London who offer marketing and advertising materials, and we count ourselves as among the best.

We offer a personalised approach at a reasonable price, and we’re keen to make sure that our designs specifically match your vision and your needs.

We consult with our clients to make sure that the posters we provide them with are exactly what they want.

We offer high-quality colour prints up to A0 size, and we work with lots of clients to produce unique, personalised, affordable posters, to attract customers.

We’re a small business with a friendly approach, and we offer some of the best poster printing in London. Give us a call or pop into one of our shops. Let’s have a chat and see what you need.


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