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The Supplies All Budding Artists Should Have

No matter how talented they are, all budding artists need the right kit to properly hone their craft.

If you take your creativity seriously, talent alone isn’t enough. What you need is the best art supplies you can get. London has plenty of places to pick up handy supplies, but it’s important to know what you’re looking for before you get your cash out.

In this blog post, we consider some of the top things an artist needs:


Most budding artists need plenty of pencils, ranging from hard to soft. The hardest you can get is 9H, and the softest is 8B, with everything else sitting somewhere in between.

You might not need all of these, so experiment by buying just a few at a time.


Big pages, small pages, thin paper, thick paper; it’s good to have a variety. It’s also possible to find books with different textures and binds, to suit whatever you fancy!


If you paint, it’s good to have a mixture of brushes. Round brushes, flat brushes and stiff brushes all have different applications. And they’re just the basics! Some offer a comb effect, while others blob paint in more specific shapes.


Watercolours, acrylics and colours abound! It’s essential to get high-quality paint which is workable, versatile and good quality.


Some companies, such as Faber Castell, specialise in amazing pens. If you like to create art with pens, it’s useful to have a good variety of tip sizes, colours and shades.


If painting or drawing is your thinking, you may want your next masterpiece to sit keenly on a canvas. Depending on what style of art you create, and the products you use to make it, it’s important to consider what type of canvas you want to use. Depending on the cost and material, different canvases are good for different things.

Oils and inks

These are another great way to add texture, colour and flourish. It’s good to experiment with oils and inks to keep your creations fresh and flavourful.

Because there are so many options, it’s good to speak to someone who knows what they’re talking about.

If you’re looking for the best art supplies in London and people who know their stuff, pop along to one of our two shops in Greenwich.

We have one of the best and biggest ranges of art supplies in the whole of London, and we stock some of the best brands in the world.

We love helping our customers and we’ll make sure you leave our shop with exactly the kit you need.

See you soon!

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