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Top 13 Products for Architecture Students

There is such a wide range of products available for architecture students it can be difficult to know which are essential. We’ve compiled this list of our top Lucky 13 to help!

  1. A set of quality pens and pencils: Our students tell us that the most important piece of equipment is a great pencil – even once they start doing most of their work digitally. You’ll need a set of pencils for sketching and drawing and pens for both drawing and note-taking. We also stock a range of hard-wearing mechanical pencils which are particularly useful because they don’t need sharpening!
  2. Modelling scalpel and cutting mat: A sharp scalpel is essential for model making. It’s worth investing in a quality scalpel that will last you for years. A good quality cutting mat will not only protect your desk but also provide a non-slip surface for modelling.
  3. UHU glue: Buy a few tubes of UHU glue at a time to be cost-effective and make sure you don’t run out when making your models.
  4. Rulers: A scale ruler is essential as architects work with a variety of scales. It’s also worth investing in a good steel ruler. Steel is much better for model making as you can’t damage it with your Scalpel and it will last you forever!
  5. Adjustable triangle: Adjustable triangles are essential both for modelling and for getting your angles perfect on drawing boards.
  6. Small mitre box kit: Although a mitre box isn’t essential, it’s easier to cut edges at an angle using a mitre box rather than freehand when modelling.
  7. Drawing tube: Architecture students do a lot of drawings, and you’ll want to be able to transport these easily without them getting damaged or torn. A drawing tube is a great solution.
  8. Tracing paper: It’s good practice to always have a stack of tracing paper on hand as it’s essential for overlaying plans.
  9. Notebooks and sketchbooks: In order to stay organised it’s useful to have all your sketches in one place. A good sketchbook will save you headaches when you’re organising your projects. Similarly, a notebook with a hardcover will keep all your notes together. As you will be forever pulling in and out of your bag, the stronger the better.
  10. Tape measure: As well as being the quickest way to measure things when you’re on a project, a tape measure is also a useful tool for developing your design knowledge. When you’re out and about if you notice that buildings seem to be too tight or too wide, it’s useful to be able to measure them for future reference.
  11. Drawing board: Drawing boards can be expensive, and they are by no means essential if you have access to one at college. However, if you can invest in one, even if it’s small, it’s likely to take the pressure off when projects are due.
  12. A strong bag: Architects accumulate a lot of equipment so it’s essential to have a quality bag that’s strong enough to take some weight and comfortable to carry, especially when going on site visits.
  13. Toolbox: Similarly, it’s useful to have a good strong toolbox to keep all your modelling equipment safe and organised.

Are you looking for somewhere to stock up on architectural supplies? We’re located right next to the Architecture Department at The University of Greenwich and have a wide range of products for you to choose from. Our staff is also on hand to advise you about the best products to meet your needs. Pop in for a chat! We look forward to helping you.

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