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Top 5 Tips for Christmas Business Marketing

Every year, around this time, we see business owners panicking because they aren’t quite ready for the Christmas rush.

Don’t worry! It’s not too late to pull off some spectacular marketing ideas so your business can make the most of the Christmas frenzy!

We offer same-day printing services, so take a deep breath, make a plan, and pop in to see how we can help you.

In the meantime, here are our top 5 tips for last-minute Christmas marketing!

Tip 1: Don’t rush the plan

Even though you want to get hold of your marketing materials asap, it’s essential you don’t rush the planning stage. Take a few minutes to decide what your SMART goal is for your marketing campaign. Are you looking to increase sales of particular items? Appeal to a new target audience? Increase your conversion rate?

Once you know what it is you want to achieve you can decide which sort of marketing materials will work best. Do you want gift guides that can be displayed in-store or posted through letter boxes? Would fliers work better that can be strategically placed where your customers hang out? How about a brochure that provides detailed information about your goods and services and can be easily read on the tube?

Tip 2: Update in-house images

One of the quickest ways to get on board with Christmas marketing is to update the images around your place of business. We can print large posters or banners with a Christmas theme bespoke for your business that really catch the eye of your potential customers. You can also carry the theme and images through to other print and online marketing materials such as fliers, your website, social media, and email marketing.

Tip 3: Don’t forget about email marketing

Email marketing is still one of the most efficient ways to talk directly to your customers, and at this time of year the open rate for emails is much higher than usual, particularly if you already have a relationship with your customers.

If you decide to produce fliers, gift guides or brochures, make sure you have an e-copy that you can send to your email list or can link to from your email newsletter.

Tip 4: Team up

Which products complement your business? Can you team up with other businesses in your area and help each other by displaying marketing materials? For instance, if you’re a security company that fits alarm systems, could you team up with local builders? Or a pet shop that could team up with businesses that offer animal boarding?

Tip 5: Partner with a charity

Donating a percentage of sales to charity or giving your customers the chance to make a charitable donation at checkout isn’t just a sales technique. Yes, it will appeal to your customers’ emotions which are heightened at this time of year, but it also enables you (and them) to give something back and remember what Christmas is all about.

If you need help with marketing at this busy time of year, come and talk to us about our range of services for businesses. We offer a wide range of printing services, including fliers, posters and banners, business cards, large format printing, brochures and much more. We can also advise about the designs and materials that will work best for your business and budget.

Better be quick though! Christmas is just around the corner!


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