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Top 5 Ways Printed Media Benefits Your Business Marketing

If you have a business, it’s essential that you advertise it with concise, clear and appropriate advertising. There are a lot of reasons why the tested and reliable world of printed media can benefit your business.

Here are our top 5 ways printed media benefits your business marketing.

1. Affordability

Printed media is cost-effective and a great way to spread your message on a tight budget, with prices that are easy to manage and understand and a return on investment that’s easy to measure.

2. Versatility and personality

You can choose exactly how you want your flyer, brochure, stationery, or business cards to look, which in turn gives you greater power to attract the customers and clients you want.

3. Ease and reliability of distribution

Where emails and online advertisements are not guaranteed to reach your target audience and can more easily be ignored, a printed flyer is delivered into the hands of your target audience.

4. Tested and proven sales-generation

Research has shown that printed media offers the best pound-for-pound return on investment. Of all the advertising methods, print is the most likely to make the big money… more so even than online advertising.

5. Memorability

Research strongly indicates that clients and customers are much more likely to remember a printed advertisement, due to the over-saturation of online advertising.

If you’d like some professional flyers to show off your business, for example, you should first find a print shop that understands your exact requirements and can help with design and materials recommendations.

At SBS, we’re a trusted company, that’s been serving our local area for almost 30 years. We have a great reputation and a reliable approach. For all your colour printing requirements in London and beyond, we’re a great choice. Get in touch!

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