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Uni Students! How to Make the Most of Your Summer Break…

Whether you’re about to start your first year or your fourth, it’s taken plenty of hard work to get you here – and there’s lots more to come. You deserve a break full of relaxation and recreation.

If you’re low on inspiration because you’re low on energy, you’re lucky to have found this list! We’ve detailed some of the fun (and occasionally productive!) things you might fancy doing over your long summer break.

Read on to find out more!

  • Enjoy the great outdoors! You can leave your books and PC at home and reconnect with nature. Whether you love mountains, beaches, climbing or hiking, summer is the perfect time to explore. Long, hopefully sunny days and plenty of time off mean you can get yourself out, about and adventuring.
  • Travel! Where have you always wanted to go? Travel doesn’t have to be prohibitively expensive. You can save money by sleeping in hostels, using overnight buses and trains, or even hitching lifts. Make the most of your vacation time with a fabulous trip you’ll always remember.
  • Volunteer! Lots of students volunteer abroad and in the UK. Check out websites such as HelpX and Workaway to find opportunities to do interesting and unusual things. Ever fancied helping Estonian monks build a monastery in return for a bed and three meals? Well, now you can!
  • Start a new hobby. Whether it’s learning a language, taking up a new sport or attending a wacky event, this can be fun and fulfilling – and can even boost your CV!
  • Get a summer job. A great way to save money and develop material for your CV.
  • Internships! If you’re already wondering how to get on the career ladder when you graduate, an internship can give you the opportunity to try out an industry before committing full time.
  • Taking time out! Indulge in your favourite everyday pastimes and pleasures… because they’ll have stopped being everyday while you were busy! Read, watch TV, go on a Netflix binge, paint. Whatever you like doing, enjoy doing it, guilt free.

So there you are! Plenty of stuff to keep you busy.

But before you get too excited, it’s also important to remember to study (a little bit). It’s a good way to make sure you’re not too rusty once you get back to your studies.

If you want materials to help you with a little bit of work or to get ready for next term, pop into one of our Greenwich shops. London university students come to us every day for the best study supplies. We even possess one of Greenwich’s (and London’s!) widest range of art materials. Pop in! And have a fabulous summer.

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