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What are the Most Important Art Supplies Every Artist Needs? 

Whether you are a hobby artist, studying at university or even a professional looking to branch into something new, there’s one thing you all have in common – the need for top quality supplies! Art supplies can make or break a project and we have a whole range of the most important supplies every artist needs. 

The Artist’s Basic Supplies 

It is always good the start with the very basics, to learn what works for you and what doesn’t.  There are five beginner’s art supplies you should consider having. 


Obviously, you need paints but it’s a good idea to start with a new basic palette and not go mad buying every colour available – because there are lots! For example, start with a simple palette such as green, an earth colour and white then start to expand. Or start with three colours based around a project you want to try and add more as you need them. 


You‘ll need good quality brushes from the start as this will play a part in the quality of the artwork you produce. Cheaper brushes shed hairs like a furry dog, and they will get into everything. Either go for a good beginner’s pack or think about one wider brush and a couple of smaller ones to start with. 

Canvas or Paper 

To create art, you need a medium to paint on and for most people, this is canvas or paper.  If you are doing something special, such as architectural drawings, you might want a drawing board or tracing paper. Or you might prefer artist’s paper or a pad to sketch as you move.   

Palette and Palette Knives 

A palette is crucial to mix colours – remember that even with a small number of paints, you can make a whole range of colours if you have a palette. A palette knife is used with some types of paints to make the mixing process easier. 

An Easel 

You don’t necessarily need an easel, but they can make many types of art easier. If you plan to work on larger projects, they are particularly useful. 

Other Art Supplies 

Once you have the basics, you can start shopping for the other supplies you might need. A lot of these depend on the type of art youre planning to do. 

Not everyone works in paint, for example. Other options include pencils, charcoal and even inks. All of these offer a different style of artwork. You may also need fixatives or varnish to seal the finished piece to protect it. 

Remember, the big-name brands are often much better quality and last longer too making them a sound investment. Examples include Faber Castell, Winsor and Newton, Colart and Daler Rowney.   

Contact us or pop in to see products from all of these ranges. Our team is very knowledgeable and happy to advise you.   

We look forward to seeing you soon.  

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