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What to Consider When Undergoing a Re-brand

Summer is finally here – and while customers head off on holiday, businesses often take the opportunity to rebrand.

Done well, a re-brand can clarify your message, bring in new customers and draw attention to the products and services you want to promote. Done badly, it can confuse your customers and impact sales.

Want to make sure your re-brand is successful? Here’s what you need to do:

  • Clarify your purpose! Without a specific, focused, well-considered reason, it’s almost impossible to re-brand successfully. What’s the purpose behind your re-brand? To increase your customer base? To compete more directly with your rivals? To change how you are perceived after a PR disaster? Clarifying your ‘why” will enable you to spend your budget wisely and measure your success.
  • Be introspective about what your company does and who your target customer is. Strip your business back to the bare bones for the sake of clarity. Think about what makes your business unique. Once you can identify these key points, you can make sure you communicate them through your branding so you appeal to the right audience.
  • Perform research about what the market thinks of you. You need to think of a re-brand externally, not internally. This is essential because if you’re only working with what you already know, you could be missing out on opportunities to grow.
  • Build your identity fully and coherently, with logos, fonts, colours, a tagline and more. You need everything to be cohesive with your new identity and you want to be consistent across all marketing channels, so you don’t confuse your customers.
  • Build your online presence over your website and your social media profiles. Nowadays, a business’ major presence is online so it’s vital your online branding presence matches your offline one!
  • Don’t forget about your existing customers! You may want to attract new customers but it’s also important to nurture your existing ones.
  • Make sure people know you have re-branded. This will not only generate a buzz, but it will also raise awareness, allowing your brand to be shared word of mouth.


If all of this sounds overwhelming, why not get expert help? At SBS, we don’t just create leaflets and business cards, we’ve been helping London businesses with marketing and re-branding strategies for many years.


We can work with you to define the purpose behind your re-brand and devise a strategy plus manage all creative and printing work in-house.


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