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Why Bespoke is Better

SBS has been delivering a personal service to the folks of Greenwich and the wider London business community for over 30 years. We’re real people with a real desire to help our clients.

We’re not a faceless online company and we don’t offer vague, generic advice. Whether you’re interested in business materials or art supplies, we can gear our services to your needs.

If you’re a business owner, come and talk to us about anything you need, whether it’s printing, binding, copying, print design, large format printing, business cards or anything else. If you need quality print materials for your London business, we can help.

We offer a personal service with the following benefits:

  • Talk to us about your needs and we’ll offer bespoke, personalized solutions
  • See what we’ve done for other clients to inspire you with ideas for your business
  • See your proofs in person, not just via email
  • Make amendments in person, during a face-to-face consultation
  • Chat to us about the type of advertising that might work best for your business. We have plenty of different approaches, and they all have their uses and applications.

Let us help you grow your business with quality marketing solutions.

Both of our shops in Greenwich also stock a huge range of art supplies and stationery. Every day, we provide London artists with top-quality art supplies and personalized advice. You can:

  • Talk to us about your art and what you want to achieve with it. Want to explore a new technique, material or medium? We can help!
  • Try out some of our kit, so you know what will and won’t work for you
  • Get advice from our staff, many of whom are artists themselves and have a wealth of knowledge about our products
  • Source top-quality materials from local art suppliers and much bigger names. We stock products from Faber Castell, Daler Rowney, Colart and more
  • If your budget is limited, we can advise you how to make the most of the money you have to spend

For a personalized service, whether for business or art, pop into one of our shops. We’re situated on Greenwich South Street and Greenwich Stockwell Street (both SE10). We’ll give you what you need, and we’ll do it on a budget you can afford.

You’re guaranteed to walk away with plenty of advice, and a solid solution that works for you. Our personalized services are the best in London… and much better than anything you’ll find online.

See you soon!

Need more help? Give us a call on 020 8858 1226