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Why Business Cards are Still Essential

Business cards, especially in a big city like London, remain the best way to make a great first impression. Though they’ve been around forever, they work… and their longevity is a testament to how reliable, relatable, and effective business cards can be.

Here’s why business cards are so effective:

  • They are a direct contact source: a business card is absolutely the best way to give out your phone number, email address, and social media profiles… If people want your services, they need your contact details.
  • Personability: swapping contact details online may seem impersonal. But handing over a business card makes you appear personable and professional.
  • Convenience: no matter how much the world develops and what technological advances we make, there’s nothing more convenient than a business card.
  • Referral: want others to spread the word about your business? A business card is a simple, effective way of helping this to happen. If you hand a few business cards to a client or associate, they’ll often hand them on to someone else… meaning you’re remotely and passively building a web of contacts and prospects.
  • Creativity! Business cards can be created and crafted in interesting and innovative ways, making you stand out from the crowd.
  • They imply preparation: if you have business cards on hand, you look like you’re always on your game.
  • They’re a great building block for your brand: they allow you to create a marketing identity and help you develop and integrate branding.


Plus, now so many businesses are exclusively online, a business card can make you stand out. And if you come across as personal and personable, you’ve already made a brilliant first impression.

So, when you’re marketing your business in London, don’t make the mistake that many other companies have made. If you undertake all your advertising online, you lose credibility and limit your customer base.

But, it’s important to remember not all cards are created equally. A business card works best if it’s designed professionally. We’ve been building business cards for many years, and we know what works.

Pop along, tell us all about your business, and we’ll offer you advice about how to increase your profits with a top-quality business card. See you soon!

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