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Why Print is Not Dead

For years, print has been the best way to spread the word about business, and a fantastic way of picking up new clients and making money. And it still is.

Regardless of the onward march of social media and online advertising, print is not and never will be dead. In fact, due to the crazy amount of online marketing, print has become more powerful, because it is more tangible, less saturated and less intrusive.

For your next marketing drive, whatever you’re promoting, print marketing is a great choice which, if done correctly, will guarantee you more clients and more profits. But why has it stood the test of time? And why does it continue to do so? Read on!

  • Tangibility is friendly. If you can pick something up, touch it, keep it and store it, you’re more likely to remember it. Tangibility is vastly overlooked… but we all prefer reading things in our hands than glancing at things on a screen.
  • It’s credible. Because online marketing is so saturated and insincere, print marketing feels (and is!) more genuine and well-intentioned.
  • It’s much easier to reach your target market. You can distribute print marketing wherever your target market live and breathe, meaning that it’s easier for you to reach those you want to reach.
  • It allows for better and clearer branding. If you stick your logo, slogan and picture on all of your print marketing, your identity becomes clearer and more established. When marketing, consistent branding is key, and print is the best way to achieve that.
  • People spend more time reading print products than they do reading online pages. Typically, people skim read online but read properly on paper, so it’s intelligent to tap into that instinct.
  • It’s trustworthy. Many studies and researchers have shown that people are more readily willing to trust something printed than online. And if you’re more likely to trust it, you’re more likely to buy from the people who’ve made it.
  • It’s easier to understand. Reading something on paper doesn’t require any problem solving. But sometimes following a link or reading an email might.

For all of those reasons and more, marketing and advertising is best done through print. So if you’re looking for a London company to help you with marketing and advertising in print, get in touch. We design and create the best flyers, posters and business cards in London and we’ll work closely with you to ensure that your marketing drive matches your business. Contact us here.

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