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The Supplies All Budding Artists Should Have

No matter how talented they are, all budding artists need the right kit to properly hone their craft. If you take your creativity seriously, talent alone isn’t enough. What you need is the best art supplies you can get. London has plenty of places to pick up handy supplies, but it’s important...


New Year’s Resolutions for Artists

As an artist, motivation can be hard. Typically, you have no-one to encourage you but yourself, and finding the incentive of picking up a pencil can be alarmingly tough. With 2018 on the way, you might have promised yourself that the coming year will be full of crafting, creativity and productive etching...


New Years’ Resolutions for Your Small Business

New Year is a good time to have a bit of a business reboot. The post-Christmas lull gives you time to rethink and reinvent, while the motivation offered by the dawn of 2018 could give you a boost. New Year is also a good time to pick up new clients, since people...


Advertising with Page and Print

Lots of companies have given up on using print for advertising and marketing their business, which is a fatal mistake. Research shows that print marketing is often now more effective than online marketing. Online information, for example, is more likely to be the victim of a quick scan read, whereas printed press...


Bespoke Christmas Cards for Personal Greetings

Advent calendars are lining the shelves, shops are bedecked with red and white themes and the telly keeps reminding you that Christmas is on the way. Yep, it’s that time of year again… When the mad hunt for gifts and greetings commences, let us give you a hand with a personalised card....

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