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Why Empathy-Marketing is Important for your Post-Lockdown Business

Even pre-COVID our local businesses were changing. People were doing more online, over the internet and via instant messages or emails. There was a reduction in face-to-face interaction in many businesses. Then COVID-19 hit, and we were all in lockdown. The internet became a lifesaver for many businesses as it enabled them...


Local Businesses Join Together to Survive The Pandemic

It’s no secret that businesses across many industries have been hit hard by COVID. Even now that the intense, countrywide lockdown is over, things are far from normal. Many service businesses, such as restaurants, hairdressers, tourism businesses and the events industry have, so far, faced over 5 months with little to no...


How to Prepare for Your Architecture Office Reopening to Customers 

During the COVID-19 lockdown, most architects have continued to work in different ways. From Zoom meetings to working from home, there have been changes to the daily work life that kept projects moving.  But now times have changed again and the option to open up offices for customer visits is available. Architects are going back...


How to Create Business Brochures That Drive Sales

While online advertising has grown, physical business brochures have remained highly relevant and still drive sales. Why Physical Brochures are Still Hyper-Relevant Physically printed marketing products, such as business brochures and catalogues have held their own against digital media. Why? A brochure has more presence. You can hold it in your hands,...


What are the Most Important Art Supplies Every Artist Needs? 

Whether you are a hobby artist, studying at university or even a professional looking to branch into something new, there’s one thing you all have in common – the need for top quality supplies! Art supplies can make or break a project and we have a whole range of the most important supplies...

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