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Uni Students! 10 Top Tips for Making Effective Notes

University work can be hard to organise. There’s lots of it, it’s complicated and it’s often difficult to keep track of. It’s therefore essential you organise your hard work in an intelligent and logical way. If you do so, it makes it so much easier to understand, digest and access… and you’ll...


Back to Uni Checklist

Just when you thought the summer would go on forever – it’s time to get back to Uni. If you’re feeling under-prepared, read on. Though we can’t book your train or help sort out accommodation, we can do one thing for you… We’re here with a checklist of the most important stationery...


Why Bespoke is Better

SBS has been delivering a personal service to the folks of Greenwich and the wider London business community for over 30 years. We’re real people with a real desire to help our clients. We’re not a faceless online company and we don’t offer vague, generic advice. Whether you’re interested in business materials...


How to Plan a Print Marketing Campaign

A print marketing campaign is one of the best-known ways to draw attention to your business. Executed well, it’s also one of the most effective. If you want to increase profits and your customer base, we’re here with some tips on how to successfully plan a print marketing campaign. Read on to...


Uni Students! How to Make the Most of Your Summer Break…

Whether you’re about to start your first year or your fourth, it’s taken plenty of hard work to get you here – and there’s lots more to come. You deserve a break full of relaxation and recreation. If you’re low on inspiration because you’re low on energy, you’re lucky to have found...

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