The sticky summer is here and the very thought of going hunting for your art materials along the mucky lanes with jostling berserk crowds is prettey terrifying. But art is not only about searching through the thronging alleys to obtainin the best bargain to strive your way to become a Van Gogh or Renoir. Art connoisseurs can have an enrapturing cool afternoon at the upcoming  International Fine Art and Antiques Fair held in London’s Olympia. Even if you do not possess that creative pizzazz in yourself but drool about the sublime, artistic antiquities of the past, this fair is definitely for you. Whether you wish to dawdle away your time while treating your aesthetic senses or have flocked to London for some serious art and antique grabbing venture, the fair will voodoo you with its melange of exhibits.

Catch sight of the kaleidoscopic array of watercolor and drawing exhibits by your favorite European painters and artists waiting to tickle your senses to death. If you are an interiors art debauchee looking around every corner for a perfect piece to primp your sweet hearth, you can well coddle your desires with a wide spectrum of furniture choices, carpets, and ceramics. While the tribal artifacts and relics will do much to tingle your innate tendencies, the bewitching range of 18th and 19th century artworks is sure to summon memories of your great grandma rocking in her Morris chair. This is not to say there isn’t anything to find for the contemporary art mavens. There will be loads of modern art options to binge on from big wigs like Gray Modern and Contemporary Art, Turner Bennett, Peter Petrou and others. In short, from the good old 18th and 19th century objet d’art to continental and contemporary pieces, the Olympia International Fine Art and Antiques Fair feeds you to the gills with its jazzy repository.

The fair is also a grand opportunity for special evenings out, shopping sprees, splurging on the potpourri of ravishing jewelries and bringing home souvenirs from the whole of Europe. Other highlights of the fair embrace posters, glass works, clocks, woodcarvings, sculptures, photographs and scientific instruments. Don’t miss out on the 1200 troy ounces wine cistern or forget to say hello to your favorite Winnie the Pooh in its original best by Ernest Shepherd, which will surely make your pals go green with envy at you to have witnessed masterpieces of such proportions.

And before drawing curtains on this much-awaited event in London, a small note on its venue and the date to help you pack your bags on time. The grand 40th Olympia International Art and Antiques Fair 2012 will be held at the Olympia Exhibition Center in Grand Hall from the 7th to 17th of June and will endorse more than 70 furniture and 18 International traders in its pocket. So hurry up and just drop in at one of the biggest art extravaganza spanning centuries and brought to you in one wholesome basket.